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Quest & Solution

001 – One good turn

Location: Angel Fall
Request: bring a tangleweb
Solution: get it from the spawn spot near angel fall or buy it in later shops
Reward: Sleeping Hibiscus

002 – Pleassed as punch

Location: Stornway
Request: do an air punch
Solution: set an air punch as your party trick and execute it
Reward: Pirouette Party Trick

003 – We like to party

Prerequisite: Finish quest 002
Location: Stornway
Request: do a pirouette,a clap,a jump and an air punch in a single row
Solution: set all these trick to your B+DOWN combination and execute them
Reward: Pray Party Trick

004 – Pick me up a panacea

Location: Stornway
Request: give him a panacea
Solution: panacea can be done trough alchemy with a special medicine,a superior medicine and a moonwort bulb,the ingredient are all common and you can just buy them at a item shop
Reward: Gleeban guinea

005 – Herb’list

Location: Stornway
Request: give him a medicinal herb,an antidotal herb and a moonwort bulb
Solution: buy all this stuff at a item shop
Reward: Gleeban Groat

006 – Get Well Water

Prerequisite: Finish quest 005
Location: Stornway
Request: give him angel tears
Solution: get Fresh water from the spot near slurry quay or steal it from the cheeky tiki which can be found in gerzuun,give the water to a man in angel fall and he will give you the angel tears,give them to your client
Reward: i can’t remember but i think it was 1000G

007 – Curious Crevice

Location: Stornway
Request: give him a slimedrop
Solution: several slime monster drop them,tough i believe the slime knight near alltrades abbey to be the first to give it as a common drop
Reward: Seed of Strenght

008 – Don’t cry over spilt ink

Location: Stornway
Request: give him a magic water
Solution: magic water can be bought in several shop or found in blue chest later in the game
Reward: Seed of Magic

009 – Labour of love

Location: my quest log doesn’t say but it’s pretty early in the game… maybe zeke
Request: give her an evencloth
Solution: steal it from ragged reaper which is found near zeke
Reward: Pretty betsy

010 – Wings of Love

Location: the checkpoint northeast from Stornway
Request: give him a wing of bat
Solution: drackmage and flython have them as a raredrop but it’s easier if you wait later when you encounter drackyma in the tower of trades
Reward: 2000G

011 – The Not-So-Great escape

Prerequisite: need the ultimate key which you get from a dungeon late in the game as part of the story
Location: Coffinwell
Request: give him a hammer handrills
Solution: you can make this trough alchemy using
Handrills X 1 (Buy at Gleeba)
Iron Nails X 5 (Steal from Killing Machine in the gittish empire)
Iron Ore X 1 (Spawn point near alltrades abbey)
Reward: Unhappy hat

012 – The Not-So-Great-Escape

Location: Coffinwell in the right side of the room below
Request: Bring Hammer Handrills to the trapped man
Solution: You’ll need the Ultimate Key to complete this quest, and you don’t obtain it until much later in the game. You also need to craft a set of Hammer Handrills, which require Handrills, Iron Nails (x5), and Iron Ore. When you have those things, climb down the well in Coffinwell and check the right side of the room below. Unlock the door there and give the trapped man the Hammer Handrills.
Reward: An Unhappy Hat

013 – All Fired Up

Location: Dourbridge
Request: give him something to burn
Solution: any item is fine,just give him some junk item like a medical herb
Reward: 1G

014 – Snug as a Thug

Location: Dourbridge
Request: give him something fluffy
Solution: give him a piece of lambswool,you can steal it from several ram enemies
Reward: Utility Belt

015 – Collapsus’s Call

Location: Stone Zere
Request: give him a special medicine
Solution: you can make this trough alchemy with normal herb bought at a item store
Reward: Treasure Map

016 – Help Meowt Here!

Location: cat in the Bloomingdale inn
Request: Talk to the cat in the inn while wearing Cat Ears
Solution: First, you’ll need some Cat Ears. Combine a Hairband and Kitty Litter (x2) to get them, then equip them and speak to the cat in the Bloomingdale inn.
Reward: Kitty Shield

017 – You Shouldn’t Have…Really

Location: Angel Falls
Request: Bring Chanterelle some mushrooms
Solution: When you’re done with Bloomingdale, head to Angel Falls and find Chanterelle in one of the houses next to the river. Bring her five Belle Caps and five Fist Fisticups, which you can harvest out in the fields near Stornway (and other places). After you give her the mushrooms, she’ll give you a Packed Lunch. Now head into the Hexagon and speak to Chanterelle’s father near the front, next to the relief. Give him the Packed Lunch, then head back to Chanterelle for your reward.
Reward: Prayer Ring

018 – Our Precious Precious

Location: near the Stornway side of the Mountain Pass
Request: Find Precious
Solution: When you’re done with Bloomingdale, talk to Pauline, who’s standing near the Stornway side of the Mountain Pass. Accept the quest, then talk to the children about the missing pet, “Precious.” Go fight slimes in the Angel Falls wilderness while your hero wears only slime gear (like Gooey Gear, which is made with Garish Garb and 3 Slimedrops) and a Slood (a Pointy Hat combined with 3 Slimedrops). This should lure out the little guy. Once you find him, return to Pauline for your reward.
Reward: Seek of Skill

019 – Moving House

Location: Stornway
Request: give him a raging ruby
Solution: make one trough alchemy using a strenght ring and a corundum which you can find in the waterfall near dourbridge
Reward: Life Ring

020 – A Masky Task

Location: in the building on the left side of town (Stornway?)
Request: make a better malleable mask
Solution: ok this one is annoying,first you’ll have to make a malleable mask,to do so you need.

Circlet X 1 (Buy in Bloomingdale)
Butterfly Wing X 2 (Steal from Dread Admiral near the west exit of dourbridge)
Narspicious X 2 (Steal from Sculpture Vulture in bowhole or get it from spawn spot near gerzuug)

after you got the mask you have to upgrade it,to upgrade it you need
Malleable Mask X 1
Dread Dagger X 1
Narspicious X 3

to get the dread dagger you need to do it trough alchemy the recipe is

Batterfly Knife X 1
Disturbin Turban X 1 (Buy it in Gleeban)
Butterfly Wing X 5

the batterfly knife has to be done trough alchemy the recipe is

Poison Moth Knife X 1 (Buy it in coffinwell)
Coagulant X 2 (Spawnspot near stornway)
Manky Mud X 1 (Steal from zombie enemy)

after getting the mask go back to the client

Reward: Stiletto heels just by solving the quest,if you give the mask to her you also get a jaguarment

021 – Spud-She-Like

Location: Stornway
Request: give her a sunstone
Solution: sunstone can be done trough alchemy,here is the recipe

Lucida Shard X 2 (Created Trough Alchemy)
Mirrorstone X 3 (Stolen from Mega Moai in magmaroo or got trough spawnspots)
Hephastus Flame X 1 (Created Trough Alchemy)

the recipe for lucida shard

Brightstone X 3 (Stolen from goodybag near batsureg or got trough the spawnspot near gleeba)
Evencloth X 3 (Stolen from ragged puppet near zeke)

the recipe for hephastus flame

Iron ore X 1 (Spawnspot near alltrades abbey)
Lava Lump X 1 (Spawnspot near alltrades abbey)
Toad Oil X 1 (Stolen from toad monster near gleeba)

Reward: Saint ashes

022 – Mantle A la mode

Location: Stornway
Request: show him a macabre mantle
Solution: macabre mantle is done trough alchemy,the recipe is

Dark Robe X 1 (Buy from upover)
Wing of Bat X 4 (Steal from drackyma in tower of trades)
Terrible Tattoo X 3 (Steal them from bloody manguini in the bowhole as a rare drop or from barbatos as a common drop in the final dungeon)

Reward: Seed of Deftness,but if you let him keep the robe you also get a lunar fan

023 – Research Assistant

Prerequisite: finish quest 008
Location: Stornway
Request: find proof of the existence of doomingdale
Solution: check the treasure chest in the center of the treasure room again to get a piece of paper,give it to the client and he’ll ask you for 3 Magic waters,buy them from later shops
Reward: 3 seeds of sorcery

024 – Battering Batterflies

Location: Zere
Request: scare 10 batterflies away
Solution: they are found near zere,just defend until they flee,very boring
Reward: Random?

025 – Warbling Wellard

Location: Zere
Request: give him a birdsong nectar
Solution: make one trough alchemy,the recipe is

Nectar X 3 (Get it from spawnspot around the world map)
Freshwater X 1 (Get it from spawnspot near slurry quay or steal from cheeky tiki found in gerzuun)
Sleeping Hibiscus X 5 (Buy it in bloomingdale)

Reward: Gleeban Gold

026 – Doug and the Sluggers

Location: Coffinwell
Request: Defeat 10 sluggers
Solution: just kill them,they are found near Coffinwell
Reward: Random?

027 – Big headed bard

Location: Coffinwell
Request: give a technicolor dreamcloth to the nun in the church
Solution: the item has to be done trough alchemy,here is the recipe

Grubby Bandage X 3 (Stolen from mummies)
Celestial Skein X 2 (Created trough alchemy)
Brightenstone X 1 (Stolen from goodybag or got from the spawnspot near gleeba)

the recipe for celestial skein is

Freshwater X 3 (Get it from spawnspot near slurry quay or steal from cheeky tiki found in gerzuun)
Tangleweb X 3 (buy it in batsureg item shop)

Reward: Elfin Charm

028 – Desert Foxes

Location: signpost outside of Gleeba
Request: Gather ten Duneberries from Parched Peckerels
Solution: Find the signpost outside of Gleeba and read the hidden message on the back of it to start his quest. Go to the edge of the continent and fight Parched Peckerals until you have 10 Duneberries, then enter Gleeba and speak to the dancing girl in the upper-left area of the dancing hall for your reward.
Reward: Lump of Platinum Ore

029 – Fool’s Gold

Location: Gleeba
Request: find the fake gold golem
Solution: just kill gold golem until he appears
Reward: 1000 G

030. Wrapper’s Delight

Location: Mehdik (second floor of Gleeba guard house)
Request: Gather 5 Grubby bandages and deliver them to Mehdik – the quickest way to get them is to steal from mummy type monsters using Half-Inch.
In-game quest text: Mehdik, a guard from Gleeba, wants you to grab five grubby bandages from some manky mummies. Keep clobbering the mummies in the waterways below Gleeba, and the grubby bandages will eventually be yours!
Reward: Ruby of Protection

031 – Feather for a Fan

Location: Gleeba
Request: get 3 hocus chimera feather
Solution: kill hocus chimera until they drop them,you can’t steal them,they have to drop them after you kill them,you can find hocus chimera on the gleeba desert but it’s better to hunt them on zere rock
Reward: Magical Skirt

032 – Oil Get It!

Location: next to the well in Gleeba
Request: Get Turbo Toad Oil by killing an Expload with a critical hit
Solution: Later in the game, a traveling merchant will appear in a bright red hat, standing next to the well in Gleeba. Speak to him to start the quest, then go find an Expload outside of town. Have a lance user use Thunder Thrust repeatedly on the enemy while everyone else Defends. You can also have a Warrior use Whistle on the Expload until a coup de grace appears, which will give you a critical hit for sure. Return to the merchant for your reward.
Reward: 2,000 Gold Coins

033 – Lady of the dance

Location: bookshelf in Gleeba
Request: find the lady of the dance
Solution: the lady of the dance is a goodybag! Kill the goodybag near batsureg until she appear
Reward: Belly Dance Party Trick

034. A Simple Task

Where: way to the item shop in Batsureg
Objective: Get the accolade “Simple Simon(e)” and talk to Chuluun again.
Solution: Speak to Chuluun in the center of Batsureg to start this quest. To get the accolade, have your hero be a male priest and equip a Sadistick, Dragon Shield, Hermetic Hat, Dark Robe, Heavy Handwear, Blue Jeans, Classy Clogs, and a Utility Belt. If you’re a female hero, be a ranger and equip a Giant’s Hammer, Boss Shield, Minotaur Helm, Jaguarment, Gloomy Gloves, Steppe Steppers, Agilitboots, and an Elfin Charm. Once you earn the accolade, go to the Options menu and use “Edit Profile” to switch accolades to Simple Simon/Simone, then speak to Chuluun for your reward.
Reward: Veteran’s Helm

035 – All Dolled Up

Location: Batsureg
Request: get the ragdoll back from the brainy badboon
Solution: put the brainy badboon to sleep with a spell then steal it from him
Reward: einhander

036 – Little miss bossy boots

Location: Swinedimple Academy
Request: get a holy water and 2 royal soils
Solution: buy the holy water and get the royal soil from the spawn spot south of alltrades abbey
Reward: Learn the Swinedimples Salute party trick (Random?)

037 – Funghi for a fun guy

Location: small island east of Gleeba,inside a well
Request: give him 3 belle cap
Solution: get them from a spawn spot like the one near wormwood creek
Reward: Finessence (Random?)

038 – Muffled Admiration

Location: Wormwood creek
Request: give a scarf to each kind of sanguini
Solution: you have to defeat each kind of sanguini,the teeny sanguini can be found near angel fall,the pink sanguini near bloomingdale and the genius sanguini in the final dungeon
Reward: Elfin Elixir (Random?)

039 – Follow That fish

Prerequisite: Finish the game
Location: Port Llafan
Request: summon leviathan
Solution: wait for night to fall and talk with the ghost of the summoner,she’ll tell you that you need 3 item to summon leviathan,a watermaul wand,a flowing dress and a silver shield,the watermaul wand can be bought on gleeba,stolen from a phython priest found in the bowhole or created trough alchemy,the flowing dress can be bought on upover or created trough alchemy,since it’s a pretty expensive item,here’s the recipe to create it trough alchemy

Enchanted Robes X 1 (Created trough alchemy)
Celestial Skein X 3 (Created trough alchemy)

you can read the recipe for celestial skein above
the recipe for enchanted robes is

Magical Robes X 1 (buy them in gleeba or steal them from shaman in bad hole)
Enchanted Stone X 1 (made trough alchemy)

the recipe for enchanted stone is

Thunderball X 2 (got trough spawnspot or steal from cumulus rex near upover)
Ice Crystall X 2 (steal them from Brrearthenwarrior or shivery shrubbery)
Mystyfing Mixture X 1 (create it trough alchemy)

the recipe for mystyfing mixture is

Bellecap X 1 (spawnspot near wormwood creek)
Manky mud X 1 (steal them from zombie)
Cowpat (spawnspot near zere)

the silver shield has to be done trough alchemy too,the recipe is

White Knight Shield X 1 (create trough alchemy)
Mirror Stone X 3 (steal them from Mega Moai or get it trough spawnspot)
Mythril Ore X 2 (spawnspot near gerzuug)

the recipe for white knight shield is

White Shield X 1
Holy Talisman X 1 (created trough alchemy)
Mythril Ore X 1

the recipe for holy talisman is

Gold Rosary X 1 (steal it from legionaire in the gleeba dungeon or wight priest in swinedimple dungeon)
Holy Water X 5 (buy it from shop)
Resurrock X 1 (steal them from green crabs or get them trough spawnspot)

the recipe for white shield is

Light Shield X 1 (buy it in bloomingdale)
Seashell X 5 (get them from beach east from stornway)
Holywater X 5 (buy it from item shop)

after getting all this stuff,talk with jona and she’ll go back to the beach where you fought Lleviathan the first time,follow her and after reaching the end of the beach,equip all the required equipment to one of your character (since you need to equip a wand,you need a priest or a mage in your party) and you’ll fight with Lleviathan again,he’s a little stronger than the last time but still weaker than the final boss,after that you’ll solve the quest

Reward: Ability to Fly

054 – Moai Memorabilia

Prerequisite: Finish the game
Location: Wormwood creek
Request: get a stamp from a mega moai
Solution: kill mega moai until they drop one,similiar to the hocus chimera quest
Reward: i think i got a princess robe but it might be random

055 – Mummy’s Little Hero

Location: Pool of Spirits cave northeast of Angel Falls
Request: Bring Timmy a Wakerobin
Solution: Fly the Starflight Express to reach the Pool of Spirits cave northeast of Angel Falls. Speak to the boy, Timmy, inside, and give him a Wakerobin.
Reward: Rockbomb Shard

056 – Nicholas Necklace

Prerequisite: Finish quest 039
Location: Small island north of wormwood creek
Request: get the pendant back
Solution: there are two house in this island,go to the north house while it’s night to discover that
the pendant got stolen from an abyss diver,a monster found on the border of the map while on the ship,kill abyss diver until he coughs up the pendant
Reward: seed of defense

057 – Not Nicholas Necklace

Prerequisite: Finish quest 056
Location: Small island north of wormwood creek
Request: get the pendant back
Solution: same deal here only this time go to the south house while it’s night,this time a pink sanguini stole the pendant,kill them until they cough up the pendant
Reward: seed of agility

058 – Fixing The Sicklops

Location: Newid Isle
Request: Go to a grotto, wound Atlas, and then steal his Titanic Tincture
Solution: Fly to Newid Isle southeast of Alltrades Abbey and head to the clearing just east of the center of the island. Talk to the boy there to start the quest. He’ll direct you to a grotto and ask you to steal a Titanic Tincture from a monster called Atlas. Atlas has 6,500 HP, so keep track of your attacks and make sure you don’t kill him before he brings out the tincture at around 700 HP. When he does, have everyone who can use Half-Inch until someone steals it. Finish him off, then return the item to the boy for the reward.
Reward: Treasure Map

061. Mager Migraine
Where: Western Wormwood
Who: Cephalgernon (in a well that can only be reached by Starflight Express)
In-game quest text: The Grand Wizard Cephalgernon in the well in Western Wormwood says he’ll grant you a wish if you bring him some hexite. Find and defeat Shogum in his grotto lair to come up with the goods!
Objective: Deliver 1 Hexite to Cephalgernon (found from defeating Shogum – a grotto boss)

062 – Brian’s Dyin’ Wish

Location: island in the northeastern section, near the Cringle Coast
Request: Locate Brian’s old captain
Find the island in the northeastern section of the world map, near the Cringle Coast, and enter the cave on the southern part of the island. Find Brian the pirate’s skeleton within and examine it to find a note. While you’re here, grab the Ruinous Shield, then head to either Tywll Cave or the Slurry Coast and fight Salamarauders until one drops the letter from the pirate captain. Bring it to Brian’s skeleton and read it aloud to the bones to complete the quest and gain Baramos’s treasure map.
Reward: Treasure Map

063 – Keep your eyes peeled

Prerequisite: have someone with a sword mastery of at least 30
Location: Swinedimples academy
Request: read the red postsign
Solution: the red postsign is on an island northwest of wormwood creek,when you find it read the back of it,return to the client after
Reward: Warrior’s Sword

085. Comeback Kid
Where: Swinedimples Academy
Who: Boomer (young kid with black hair in southwest part of town)
In-game quest text: A student at Swinedimples is troubled, and wants you to defeat a metal slime with a Power Throw to prove your boomerang skills. Once you’ve done that, it sounds like he has something else he needs to ask you to do.
Objective: Kill 1 Metal slime with Power Throw (a Boomerang ability), return to Boomer, then for the next part of the quest, take the road west to the Urdus Marshlands and take the bridge that leads to Mirrorstones
Reward: Eaglewing

091 – Critical Appraisal

Prerequisite: have a warrior of at least level 15
Location: Wormwood creek
Request: score 2 natural critical hit on enraged monsters
Solution: get whistle (Warrior Skill tree 28 points) to enrage the monster,sadly the critical has to be natural so you can’t use all or nothing skill,use the falcon sword and the critical up passive skill (Sword Skill Tree 22 points) to increase your chance
Reward: Warrior’s Armour

092 – Warriors Three

Prerequisite: have a warrior of at least level 40,complete Quest 091
Location: Wormwood creek
Request: Kill 10 enraged mandrake marauders
Solution: much easier than the previous quest,use whistle to make mandrake marauders angry and then kill them,they are found inside the magmaroo
Reward: Warrior scroll – teach the skill counter attack to the character that carries it,giving him the ability to block and counter when attacked

093 – Eggclesiastic

Prerequisite: have a cleric of at least level 15
Location: Wormwood creek
Request: defend yourself from attack 20 times
Solution: well the request is pretty self explaniatory
Reward: ascetic robe and priestess pinafore

094 – Nurtural Selection

Prerequisite: have a cleric of at least level 40,complete quest 093
Location: Wormwood creek
Request: heal a character in critical condition with moreheal 20 times
Solution: another easy one,you can use dangerous floor to easily get to critical condition if you are so inclined
Reward: Priest Scroll – teach the skill wave of relief which heals your character of all the bad status effect

095. Free the Faerie Two

Where: Alltrades Abbey
Who: Wanda & Wandine (stay at the inn with a level 15+ mage in the party)
In-game quest text: The faeries you saw in a dream you had at the inn at Alltrades Abbey have asked you to help them find their way to freedom. You need to equip your faerie staff and defeat ten monsters with Frizz to set them loose.
Objective: Kill 10 monsters total with Frizz while equipped with the Faerie Staff
Reward: Fizzle-retardant Suit, Fizzle-retardant Blouse

096. Faerie Nearly There

Where: Alltrades Abbey
Who: Wanda & Wandine (stay at the inn with a level 40+ mage in the party)
In-game quest text: While staying at the inn in Alltrades Abbey, you had a dream of two faeries, Wanda and Wandine, trapped inside a staff. Equip the faerie staff they gave you and defeat ten wight priests with regular attacks to release them.
Objective: Kill 10 Wight priests using the faerie staff to deal the killing blow
Reward: ‘Mage’s Manual’ scroll

097. Cry Wolf
Where: Alltrades Abbey

Who: Brusque Lee (outside at the top of the tall stairs)
In-game quest text: Brusque Lee at Alltrades Abbey has set you a challenge in return for the ultimate secret of the martial arts. Make five scarewolves quail with a terrifying War Cry before dealing the final blow.
Objective: Kill 5 scarewolves that are currently in a state of fear from War Cry.
Reward: Slick Slacks

098. Slowly, Slowly, Critty Golem

Where: Alltrades Abbey
Who: Grandmaster (outside the Abbey next to Brusque Lee)
In-game quest text: If you want to learn the ultimate secret of the martial arts from the Grandmaster, you’ll have to defeat three golems with regular critical hits.
Objective: Kill 3 Golems with a critical hit from “Attack”

099 – B-Coming one of the B-Team

Prerequisite: have a thief of at least level 15
Location: Dourbridge
Request: i can’t remember,it was stealing from a monster but i don’t remember which one… can someone add this info?
Reward: rogue robe and roguess robe

100 – Busted

Prerequisite: have a thief of at least level 40,complete quest 099
Location: Dourbridge
Request: steal from sorcerer which is found in gerzuug
Solution: pretty self explanatory
Reward: Thief Scroll – quick steal,occasionaly steal automaticaly from fallen enemies

101 – Eggstreme Sport

Prerequisite: have a minstrel of at least level 15
Location: Alltrades Abbey
Request: use egg-on to reach a state of super tension 5 times
Solution: pretty self explanatory
Reward: flamenco shirt and dancer dress

102 – Prat’s the way to do it!

Prerequisite: have a minstrel of at least level 40,complete quest 101
Location: Alltrades Abbey
Request: do a critical pratfall twice
Solution: learn pratfall (minstrel skill tree 16 point) and keep executing until the game says “critical pratfall” do this twice
Reward: Minstrel scroll – gritty ditty which increase the attack of your whole party

103 – Gladiator Graduator

Location: Alltrades Abbey
Request: kill 3 slimes with dragon slash while on a state of high tension
Solution: learn dragon slash (Sword skill tree 3 point) and then use egg on or pysche up (Martial artist skill tree 16 point) to reach high tension,try to fight the slime near the abbey as they don’t escape (but they fuse if you give them the chance!) or use skill and spell to waste their turn
Reward: you can now use the gladiator Job

106 – Taking Soul Control

Location: Gleeba
Request: use whipping boy 10 times
Solution: learn whipping boy (Warrior Skill tree 8 point) and use it,it will count only if you succesfull take damage for a party member so try to fight enemy who uses multi-hit attack
Reward: you can now use the paladin job

109 – Elementary Training

Location: Alltrades Abbey
Request: kill 2 metal slimes while under the effect of wizard ward
Solution: teaching wizard ward (Mage skill tree 8 point) to everyone ensure that it doesn’t matter who deals the final blow,metal slash (Sword Skill Tree 13 point) can make the hunt easier
Reward: you can now use the armamentalist job

112 – Ranger Changer

Location: Zeke Rock at the bottom of the mountain
Request: kill 3 hocus chimera with poison
Solution: learn toxic dagger (Knife Skill Tree 3 point) and use it until you poison the hocus chimera then wait for the poison to do his job,if the chimera heals itself,attack it with one of your weaker character
Reward: you can now use the ranger job

113 –

Where: Heights of Loneliness
Who: Odval (at the entrance to the cave)
In-game quest text: Odval at the Heights of Loneliness says that a true ranger must be able to talk to the animals. She wants you to attract the attention of twenty beasts by angering them, and then calm them down again with Soothe Sayer.
Objective: Cause 20 monsters to become “enraged with eyes only for one of your characters” and then use soothe sayer to make their rage subside.

114 –

Where: Heights of Loneliness
Who: Odval (at the entrance to the cave)
In-game quest text: Odval the ranger at the Heights of Loneliness wants you to show your supreme speed before she’ll let you in on the ultimate ranger secret. You must defeat a Drakularge in the first turn of battle…five times!
Objective: Kill 5 Drakularges in one turn each
Reward: Ranger’s Revelations scroll

115 – Sages in the Pages
Where: Gittingham Palace
Who: The Supreme Sage (a bookshelf found by going inside the castle gate, to the right, then up the stairs at the end of the hallway)
In-game quest text: The Supreme Sage, who sleeps between the pages of a book on the shelves of Gittingham Palace, asked if you’d like to become a sage too. To do so, you have to finish off five great trolls with Frizz.
Objective: Deal the killing blow to 5 Great Trolls with Frizz (Mage starting spell)
Reward: Sage vocation unlocked

116 –

117 –

118 – A Star is Born
Where: Gleeba (post-game)
Who: Applaudia (inside the dance hall near the dressing room)
In-game quest text: Applaudia in Gleeba says that the path to becoming a great luminary is paved with blood, sweat and tears. She wants you to defeat a moai minstrel with the Hot Lick ability to prove your worth.
Objective: Kill 1 Moai Minstrel with Hot Lick (Minstrel skill)
Reward: Luminary vocation unlocked

119 –

120 –

O usuário ZhumZhum postou em um forum do vietnan esta lista. Está incompleta ainda e em inglês, mas pode ajudar. Acrescentei algumas quests que ele não tinha e que encontrei aqui e quando encontrar outras, vou passando para cá. Se alguém quiser traduzir para nós, é só fazer e mandar. 

Eu já completei a quest 39 e ganhei o apito que chama a Starflight. Voei e pousei em todos os lugares altos. Peguei um monte de itens, etc… Agora estou tentando resolver a quest 56, da ilhota, que acho tirará os curses de meus acessórios.

Depois vou fazer as quests que desbloqueiam vocações. Quero o Lumminary, o Magic Knight e estou pensando no Gladiator. Os nomes são confusos, porque existem 3 versões e em cada uma os nomes das vocações são diferentes. Estou tentando desfazer este nó, para entender o que é o que.

(ATUALIZAÇÃO: sorry. Nada a ver esta estória do Shaman que tira curse na ilha próxima a Stornway. Fui lá e penei para fazer as quests 56 e a 57 e não têm nada com Shaman ou tirar curse. Para retirar curse tem que ir na panela de cooking e misturar o item cursado com um Saint’s Ashes. Acabei de retirar assim o curse de um whip do Belo e de um necklace. Eles ganham outros nomes depois de descursados e são muito poderosos.

Desbloqueei o Magic Knight e o Gladiator. Não vou ficar com o Gladiator. Não usa escudo. Não tem magia. Não gostei. Estou testando o Magic Knight, também chamado de Armamentalist. Já abri a quest do sage, mas ainda não fiz.

Atualizei algumas quests que estavam faltando. Até a 57, ok.)

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